Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Pipe ramming hammers

12 mths Warranty
CE certificate

Product description

Pneumatic device (with reverse mode) designed for steel pipes ramming


Additional informations

HP260 is an effective pneumatic hammer deseigned for steel pipes ramming up to Ø800mm diameter. 

This device can be used for steel pipes ramming  Ø900mm or Ø1000mm on short distances. 

Controller and piston of the device were modified. Air consumption was reduced to 8,0 m3/min.

Reverse mode is switched on by turning air supply hose (8-10 turns left).

HP260 ramming tool is recommended for the approximate range of works:

Steel pipes ramming in the range of Ø324mm-800mm.

Technical data


  HP410 HP375
sugerowane zastosowanie – wbijanie rur stalowych [mm] 600-1200  500-1000
możliwe zastosowanie- wbijanie rur stalowych [mm]  400-1200  400-1200
średnica urządzenia [mm]  410 375
długość urzadzenia [mm]  2700  2700
waga urządzenia [kg]  1700  1550
waga bijaka  [kg]  560  500
energia udaru (7,0 bar) w [J]  8000   7000
częstotliwość udaru [Hz]  3,0  2,7
bezpieczny zakres wbijanej rury Ø1200 [m]  ≤20   ≤18
pobór powietrza [m3/min]  14,0   12,0
nominalne ciśnienie pracy w [bar]  6,0-7,0  6,0-7,0