Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Pipe ramming hammers

12 mths Warranty
CE certificate

Product description

Pneumatic tool (with reverse mode) designed for pipe ramming and drilling


Additional informations

HP160 is designed for steel pipes ramming up to Ø324mm. It is possible to ram bigger diameter pipes on short distances. HP160 may be used for drilling holes, work with use of expanders and in the piling technology.

HP160 may be optionally equipped with rope loop.

Reverse mode is switched on by pulling out the air supply hose (it isn't necessary to turn the hose).

HP160 is recommended for the approximate range of installing works:

Plastic pipes installation: Ø125mm to Ø200mm

Steel pipes ramming: 90% of Ø159-324mm steel pipes ramming, 10% of Ø406mm steel pipes ramming on a short distances.

Photo. HP160 with example set of accessories

Technical data


model HP160
diameter [mm]  155
lenght [mm]  1710
weight [kg]  140
impact energy (7,0 bar) [J]  650
impact frequency [Hz]  4,2
lenght of drilling [m]  ≤20
speed of drilling [m/h] ≤50
lenght of ramming Ø219mm pipe ≤35 
compressed air connector 1.1/2"
air consumption [m3/min]  4,5
nominal air pressure [bar]  6,0