Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Pipe ramming hammers

24 mths Warranty
36 mths Device tightness warranty
CE certificate

Product description

Pneumatic tool (with reverse mode) designed for pipe ramming and drilling


Additional informations


Basic purpose of HP130 hammer is small/medium diameter steel pipes ramming. Piercing is possible but only on short distances.

HP130 is the smallest device designed for pipe ramming. Thanks to its small size and high stroke energy hammer functions very well in all utility works with small/medium diameter steel pipes.

Reverse mode is applied by pulling the air supply hose (there is no need to turn the hose).

HP130 is recommended for steel pipe ramming up to Ø273mm. 

HP130M is a modified version equipped with pipe pulling tube(s) Ø90, Ø110, Ø125 allowing direct installation of plastic pipes. Due to low accuracy this device isn't recommended for installations longer than 6 metres.

Technical data

model HP130
diameter [mm]  130
lenght [mm]  1500
weight [kg]  90
impact energy (7,0 bar) [J]  300
impact frequency [Hz]  6,5
lenght of ramming Ø219mm pipe ≤25 
compressed air connector 1.1/4"
air consumption [m3/min]  3,8
nominal air pressure [bar]  6,0-7,0