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Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Active head piercing devices

24 mths Warranty
36 Device tightness warranty
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Product description

Pneumatic piercing tool (with reverse mode) complete with active head designed for horizontal operations


Additional informations

HP70R mole's cheracterizes by higher accuracy due to active head innovation. It is recommended for hand installation of Ø63mm diameter pipes and cables. 

Reverse mode is switched on by pulling the air supply hose. Easy and safe switching of operating mode allows efficient piercing and also allows to quickly reverse the mole in emergency situations. Very important factor is that switching reverse mode on doesn't require turning air supply hose which might be difficult. Sometimes it might not be possible due to lack of stiffness of the air supply hose when mole is far deep in the ground from the entry pit.

Main advantage is high accuracy, extender efficiency in hard soil, dry clay and low weight: just 29kg. That's why HP70R mole is very handy and practical to use.

HP70R is recommended for the approximate range of works: 100% plastic pipes.


 Photo. HP70R with example set of accessories

It is not recommended to work with the mole in marshy ground. In such condition it is advised to ram steel pipes. HP55R mole due to low impact power and active head isn't adapted for pipe ramming and use of expanders.

Technical data

recommended use - plastic pipes installation in the range of Ø[mm] 25-63
diameter [mm]  70
lenght [mm]  1440
weight [kg]  29
impact frequency [Hz]  6,0
lenght of drilling [m]  ≤30
air consumption [m3/min]  1,2
nominal air pressure [bar]  6,0