Piercing & ramming

HP240ET (HP240LT)

Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Pipe ramming hammers

24 mths Warranty
36 mths Device tightness warranty

Product description

Pneumatic device (with reverse mode) designed for steel pipes ramming.

Additional informations

HP240ET/HP240LT is a stroke device with high effectivness of operation, designed for large diameter steel pipes ramming.

HP240LT was introduced in 2014. It was created as a result of modification of HP240T hammer (introduced in 2006). In the corpse extended by 200mm  heavier piston was placed. That modification positively influenced power of the device.

New design utilizes technological specification of sealing rings well tested in HP240T model. Thanks to that hammer achieved lower air consumption that doesn't rise within 1-2 years of usage. Maintaining tightness help sustain constant power of the device. On top of that customers experience lower cost of fuel used to run compressor and overall usage cost.

Reverse mode is turnedon by turning air supply hose (8-10 turns left). Reverse gear is convenient and helps with detaching hammer from rammed pipe.

HP240ET/HP240LT is great supplement for the HP160 in all utility installations.

HP240ET/HP240LT is recommended for the approximate range of works: ramming of Ø324mm-610mm steel pipes with high percentage of 324, 406 & 508mm diameters.

The successor to the HP240LT model is HP240ET hammer.


Distinctive advantages of HP240ET/HP240LT:

- very low air consumption considering size of the hammer

- high efficiency of pipe ramming

- power maintain over the course of few years

- air consumption doesn't increase with time