Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Piercing & ramming universal devices

24 mths Warranty
36 mths Device tightness warranty

Product description

Pneumatic device (with reverse mode) designed for piercing and pipe ramming.

Additional informations

HP185/HP185P mole is an universal device allowing both plastic pipes installation and steel pipes ramming. Range of use is wide thanks to possibility of working with expander and high pipe ramming effectivness. 

HP185/HP185P combines the highest in its class power (comparing weight and diameter) with high accuracy. 

Users of HP185/HP185P indicate high efficeincy of piercing in moist soil and loose sand.

Towing adapter installed at the rear (cable) gives opportunity to attach pipes directly to the mole with the use of steel rope and tension plate.

Reverse gear is applied by turning air supply hose (8 turns) or in "P" version using handle buil into steering-lubricating station.

We suggest purchase of this model for approximate range of work: 50% plastic pipes installation Ø160-250mm and 50% steel pipes ramming Ø219-324mm.

HP185/HP185P can also be equipped with pipe pulling tube installed on the rear of the mole allowing to pull max Ø160mm plastic pipe in the first operation or up to 250mm with the use of expander - "M" version.

Main advantages of HP185/HP185P mole are:

- easy lauch in the soil

- soft start

- very favorable work characteristics

- effective and easy work witgh expander

- high accuracy and power

Technical data

suggested use - plastic pipes installation Ø [mm] 160-250
suggested use - steel pipes ramming Ø [mm] 219-324
possible use - plastic pipes installation Ø [mm] ≤250
possible use - steel pipes ramming Ø [mm] ≤406
diameter Ø [mm] 185
length Ø [mm] 2150
weight Ø [mm] 260
stroke frequency [Hz] 4,0
speed of piercing [m/hour] ≤50
suggested length of piercing [m] ≤20
suggested length of rammed pipe Ø325 [m] ≤20
expanding bore in the 2nd operation [mm]

220, 245


air consumption [m3/min] 6,0
nominal working pressure [bar] 5,0-7,0