Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Piercing & ramming universal devices

24 mths Warranty
36 mths Device tightness warranty


  • Direct pulling pipe Ø50 and Ø63 behind the mole in the first operation.
    Required equipment
  • Mechanical pulling pipes Ø40 and Ø63 in reverse mode
    Required equipment
  • Ramming of Ø50mm steel pipes
    Required equipment

Additional informations

HP75M mole is designed for hand and mechanical installation of plastic pipes up to 90mm diameter.
Plastic pipes with 50mm & 63mm diameter can be installed directly behind the mole using dedicated pulling adaptors.
Big advantage of this mole is high accuracy and low weight 32,5kg. As a result HP75M is handy and comfortable to use.
Main purpose of the device is piercing holes for installation of 63mm PE pipes.
HP75M is also doing well with expanding the bore to 110mm in the second operation to allow 90mm pipe installation.

Reverse gear is applied by pulling air supply hose. Switching working mode enables easy operation and also withdrawal of the mole in emergency situations. Very important factor is that switching reverse mode doesn't require turning the air supply hose which might be quite difficult. Sometimes it might not even be possible due to lack of stiffness of the  hose when mole is far deep in the ground from the entry pit.

We've managed to eliminate valve rubbers by implementing solution from bigger moles (HP95, HP135, HP160). New construction of the controller with higher air flow has immediate impact on quality of operation, power increase and efficiency while working in moist soil and clay.
We will shortly be introducing HP75MR model. Increased accuracy and speed of piercing will be result of using active head in this construction. Main purpose ot this mole will be Ø63mm pipe installation.
Active head guarantees piercing with highest accuracy. Active head works in 2+1 system which means that energy that comes from first two impacts is used for breaking and pushing the soil away from the mole. Third hit pushes corpse forward. As a result HP75MR mole is an accurate and very effective tool.

Technical data

suggested use - pipe installation in the range Ø [mm] 40-63
possible use - pipe installation with the use of expander Ø [mm] 75-90
possible use - steel pipe ramming Ø [mm] 50

diameter [mm]

length [mm] 1430
weight [kg] 32,5
stroke frequency [Hz] 5,5
suggested length of piercing [m] ≤20
speed of  pipe ramming [m/hour] ≤5
air consumption [m3/min] 1,7
nominal working pressure [bar] 6,0