Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Piercing & ramming universal devices

24 mths Warranty
36 mths Device tightness warranty

Product description

Pneumatic piercing device (with reverse mode) with solid head designed for horizontal operations.


  • DAC fibre optic wire installation
    Required equipment
  • Hand installation of plastic pipes up to 25mm
    Required equipment
  • Installation of telecommunication and electrical lines
    Required equipment

Additional informations

HP45 mole has high accuracy, low weight and low air cosnumption. It doesn't require big towable compressors. It's handy and comfortable to use due to small size. It's most usefull in places with limited space such as pavements, fences, street etc.

Reverse gear is applied by pulling air supply hose. Easy and hassle free working mode allows easy piercing. It also allows to  quickly reverse the hammer if necessary. Reverse mode doesn't require turning the hose which is quite complicated and sometimes due to low stiffness and lenght of the hose impossible.

 HP45 mole is recommended for urban areas for telecomunication and electrical installations.

Pierced hole 45mm allows to install 25mm diameter pipes in stable soils.  In less stable soils with possibility of collapsing walls it might be done on short distances only. 

HP45 mole isn't recommended for pipe ramming due to low power.

Technical data

suggested use - pipe installation Ø[mm]   25 
diameter [mm] 45
length [mm] 955 
weight [mm] 7,8
stroke frequency [Hz]  
suggested length of piercing [m] ≤20
air consumption [m3/min] 0,8
nominal working pressure [bar] 6,0