Piercing & ramming


Pneumatic piercing&ramming devices / Piercing & ramming universal devices

12 mths Warranty

Product description

Pneumatic piercing device (with reverse mode) equipped with solid head designed for horizontal operations.


  • Hand installation of Ø25-50mm plastic pipes
    Required equipment
  • Hand installation of Ø63-75mm plastic pipes
  • Hand installation of Ø90mm plastic pipes
  • Installation of fibre cables, power and gas lines
    Required equipment
  • Installation of telecommunication and electrical lines
    Required equipment
  • Ramming of Ø50mm steel pipes
    Required equipment

Additional informations

HP65 is designed for hand istalation of plastic pipes up to Ø90mm (using available accessories).

Big advantage is excellent accuracy and low weight: 24kg, that's why HP65 is handy to use.

HP65 is recommended to install PE pipes up to Ø50mm. Tool is working fine with expander Ø100mm in the second operation which allows to instal pipes up to Ø75mm. Using expander Ø120mm in hard soils results in low progress which automatiacally suggest using bigger/more powerfull tools. 

Reverse mode is switched on by pulling the air supply hose. Easy and reliable switching between working modes enagles efficient piercing and alro allows quick reverse of the mole in emergency situations.  Very important factor is that switching reverse mode on doesn't require turning air supply hose which might be difficult. Sometimes it might not be possible due to lack of stiffness of the air supply hose when mole is far deep in the ground from an entry pit.

HP65 can be used for ramming steel pipes Ø50mm diameter. 


Fot. HP65 mole with example set of accessories


We do not recommend to use HP65 in wet unstable soil. In this case we recommend steel pipes ramming.

Technical data

suggested use - pipe installation Ø[mm] 25-50
possible use - pipe installation using expander Ø[mm] 63-90
diameter [mm]  65
lenght [mm]  1350
weight [kg]  24
impact energy [J]  65
impact frequency [Hz]  6,0
lenght of drilling [m]  ≤20
air consumption [m3/min]  1,2
nominal air pressure [bar]  6,0